APL offer a wide range of plywood from Decking plywood to Formwork panel sheets pre cut and machined to size

APL offers a wide range of plywood for decking and formwork panels, including typical 8’ x 4’ sheets for decking, with a variety of thicknesses on demand.

Our plywood for formwork panels typically ranges from 9mm up to 21mm; however, other sizes are available on request. We offer plywood panels for all major systems, such as:

  • Peri Trio
  • Peri Skydeck
  • Doka Framax
  • Topec
  • Dokadeck
    + More

In addition, APL offers plywood sheets either fully machined and ready to slot into your formwork panels, or in standard sheets allowing you to cut them to size.

As well as plywood panels, we offer thermoplastic and Alcus panel options.

Caption stating the type of beam used in this example.

Features & Benefits

  • APL offers a broad range of sizes and materials to suit customer needs.
  • Panels to fit all systems.
  • Pricing of panels will vary depending on size and material—solutions to fit any budget.

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