GASS is an aluminium shoring system that can be used on a variety of different jobs from simple square slabs to more tricky angled slabs. Available Hire hire and Sale.

GASS is a simple, effective slab formwork system that predominantly uses three components, An Inner Leg is used with an Outer Leg to produce a prop, which is a braced frame to build shoring structures.

APL is well-equipped and experienced in the sale and hire of GASS systems.  We continually source and refurbish GASS packages, so we always have stock ready for hire and sale.

All repair and refurbishment of GASS systems are carried out in our own factory in the West Midlands, meaning we have 100% control over quality standards.  We have good availability of most components and accessories for sale or hire the GASS system.  Specific components can be requested by contacting our dedicated team.

Features & benefits

  • GASS is quick and easy to erect and deconstruct using only three main components.
  • GASS components are available in various sizes, allowing customers to ensure the best solution for their project.


Inner Leg780mm | 1400mm | 1680mm
Outer Leg1400mmm | 2490mm | 3580mm | 4670mm
Extention Leg500mm | 1400mm | 2490mm | 3580mm | 4670mm
Ledger Frames900mm | 1200mm | 1800mm | 2400mm | 3000mm
Advanced GuardrailsAGR Wide 1655mm
AGR Narrow 1065mm

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