GS2 as a lightweight Aluminium Shoring System, manufactured in our own factory.

The GS2 provide fast, efficient, and versatile falsework structures. 

The GS2 Aluminium Shoring is a lightweight system that provides fast, efficient, and versatile falsework structures.  A load capacity of 140kN reduces the amount of equipment required.

Manufactured in our own factory in the west midlands, GS2 is fully compatible with leading shoring systems as well as conforming to the strength and safety requirements of BS 5975.

Easy to mount with the capability to brace at angles of up to 45 degrees, GS2 is best suited to table-type applications as well as conventional build and strike methods. The system is easy to erect and remove, reducing labour time and costs on site.

Features & Benefits

  • Applicable to a variety of structures and projects with the addition of extension legs.
  • Installation and erection of the GS2 system is quick and easy.
  • Inner and outer legs feature interlocking base plates for added stability.

Inner Leg & Outer Leg

The GS2 inner leg is used with the outer leg to create an adjustable prop. Props can be used independently as a prop or with ledger frames to form shoring towers,

The inner comes complete with a retaining screw for the collar to prevent against over extension. The outer leg has a spring catch to secure the inner leg in position and prevent against unintentional disengagement and the end plates are castellated for interlocking.

Legs can be adjusted to your preferred height and locked in with a screw collar.

Inner Leg  780mm | 1450mm | 1680mm
Outer Leg  
1400mm | 2490mm | 3580mm | 4670mm

Extension Leg

The GS2 Extension Legs extend the height of the Outer Legs when additional height is required. The base plate is castellated to enable the Outer and Extension leg to interlock safely and efficiently.

Extension Legs are available in five different sizes:

Extension Leg  500mm | 1000mm | 1400mm | 2490mm | 3580mm | 4670mm

Ledger Frames

GS2 Ledger Frames are used to connect and brace props together.  Frames have four connections with a simple, quick and effective wedge-locking mechanism. With the wedge being clearly visible, it is easy to identify when the connection is secure and correct.

Ledger Frames can be removed from an erected structure to allow access for personnel and materials.

Ledger frames are available in five different sizes:

Ledger Frames  0.9m | 1.2m | 1.8m | 2.4m | 3.0m


  • Head to beam bolts
  • Head to head bolts
  • Wedge clamps
  • Universal clamps
  • Bracing couplers
  • Guardrails

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