Inclusivity and diversity

Here at APL, inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword. We see how inclusion in the workplace positively impacts our employees and benefits our potential for growth.

We are proud to have different people from all corners of the world working with us.  We believe having a team from various backgrounds can encourage progressive thinking necessary for innovation in business.

We have experienced first-hand that combining people from diverse backgrounds with varied skills, experiences and knowledge proves to be much more effective at driving and managing change.

Working consciously with diversity and inclusivity

Working in an environment that consciously promotes diversity and inclusivity drives innovation because it invites new angles of thinking and agile ways of operating – essential for a company with a wide range of global partners.

“Being transparent and keeping communications open to include people in what we aim to do, makes us as a group happier and more efficient.”

Michael Crump, MD at APL.

A natural progression

APL is a family-run company which means that it’s natural and important for us to work to make everyone feel included consistently. Being inclusive means that we welcome different approaches, appreciate the value of individual skill sets and recognise different strengths. We also aim to promote a supportive atmosphere that facilitates wider thinking, which is vital to us.

APL core values

Our core values guide us in our day-to-day work. They drive growth, maintain a loyal workforce and forge excellent customer relationships. View our Core Values here.