APL Formwork is now available in Australia.

For the Australian market, we constantly source packages of used and new equipment – everything from formwork, propping, safety, and access equipment.  All equipment is thoroughly inspected and refurbished, made ready to support your projects.

By providing our customers with proven systems from companies such as Peri, Doka, Hunnebeck and Ishebeck Titan, we ensure market-leading innovation and efficiency at a budget to suit your business needs.

Sourcing and packages

We purchase and ship products direct from our suppliers around the globe, and packages of used and refurbished formwork products can easily be ordered from us.

In addition to our large product range, we have our own products: Wallcast and GS2.

The APL Wallcast panel is fully compatible with market-leading systems but with the added benefit of cast corners and reinforced extrusions for durability.

GS2 is a lightweight Aluminium Shoring System, manufactured in our own factory. The GS2 is fully compatible with leading shoring systems, and with a loading capacity of 140kN, it reduces the equipment required.

UK Manufacturing

We are a well-established full-service partner for the formwork industry in the UK, providing all aspects in-house: Manufacturing, design, repair, refurbishment, cleaning and hire and sales.  Now that we have launched in Australia, we have formwork expertise local to our customers and ready to help support your projects.

Having our own manufacturing capabilities in the UK means we are less impacted by global market forces: we have control and ownership when it comes to quality, speed and availability.  It also means that we can be quick and agile, listening to our customers and working with them to manufacture exactly what’s needed.

With fabrication certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 3834:2015 part 2 (TUV) and BS EN 1090 part 1 & 3 (TUV), we provide peace of mind that all equipment is provided with welding and quality to the highest possible standards.

APL is a global formwork and falsework company with a 35,000 Sqft site in the UK.

Our Product range
Manufacturing in the UK


Please contact Steve Capewell, our MD in Australia, for more information.

[email protected]

+61 481 283 688