Repair & Refurbishment

We provide a complete repair and refurbishment service for all formwork products.

APL Repair Centre

At APL we look after your damaged equipment leaving you time to look after your business. The APL Repair Centre provides a level of service that is second to none, including:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Service and delivery to suit your needs
  • Itemised quotations
  • Agreed prices on repeat repairs

We provide a complete repair and refurbishment service for all formwork products. Repair is carried out at our factory in Aldridge, where we professionally inspect the equipment and categorise into groups depending on requirements: Clean only, welding, Re-boarding, Re-spraying, full refurbishment or uneconomical to repair.

In our factory, we repair all products.

Clean, Repair, Weld, Re-board and Paint


To clean the equipment we need to remove excessive concrete and all debris to restore equipment to an operational standard.

Repair & Welding

When repairing the formwork equipment, we check for any cracked welds, dents in tubes or frames and for any loose or broken parts. If a piece of kit cannot be economically repaired, we will where possible resize the equipment to the nearest optimum size.

Re-board & Painting

Where possible we aim to save the boards in panels but this is not always possible. If required we can easily remove the existing sheet and replace with either plywood, thermoplastic or Alkus, depending on the customers preference – We have invested in the equipment and personnel to be able to repair and weld Alkus sheets when needed.

When requested we can paint your repaired formwork to your specification and RAL number.

Refurbishment is a part of what we do.

Repair Centre FAQs

What do you mean by Service and Delivery to suit your needs?

It couldn’t be simpler we offer whatever you need:

  • We can pick up the equipment from your premises, or you can deliver it in.
  • We check each component and a detailed list of the repairs required are quoted.
  • You approve all or some of the repairs to be carried out.
  • We complete the repairs and either return the equipment back to you or you can collect it.

What if we don’t want all the repairs done or the equipment is beyond repair?

It’s entirely up to you if you don’t want all the items repaired then you can either:

  • Return the product to you in the condition it was sent or
  • Scrap the product and credit you the scrap value
  • If we after checking, we believe that some of your products are beyond repair you have the same two options as above.

What are your agreed prices on repeat repairs?

We agree how much each type of repair will cost for each size, so you know how much it’s going to cost when you send it for repair. Repairs that are irregular will be quoted separately. We will not work on your equipment until you tell us you are happy with our detailed quote.

Service Enquiry

Please use the form below to ask us any questions about our services.

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