Formwork Beams

APL supply a range of different high load bearing, long lasting formwork beams.

We supply both Aluminium Beams and H20 beams.

APL offers the market a full range of beam solutions for a variety of Formwork and Falsework applications.  Aside from our standard solutions, as a UK manufacturer, we are always happy to discuss bespoke solutions to meet your own business requirements.

Aluminium Beams

Our Aluminium Beams are fast and simple to install and are made from recycled materials to keep in line with our goal of continued sustainability. Our design and manufacturing team has ensured that all aluminium beams are strong and have a long lifespan whilst also being lightweight and easy to handle.

Features & Benefits

  • Long lifespan due to robust mechanical properties and resistance to moisture.
  • S150 & S165 beams are supplied complete with timber inserts.
  • Easy to repair and can be cut down to the next optimal size if required.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Fast and simple installation resulting in a reduction of labour costs
  • Strong
  • Reused and recycled


The most common lengths and types of aluminium beams we stock are:

S150  1.8m | 2.4m | 2.7m | 3.6m | 4.2m | 4.8m | 5.1m | 5.7m | 6.4m | 7.2m
S165 1.83 | 2.44m | 2.59m | 2.75m | 3.2m | 3.66m | 4.10m | 4.27m | 4.88m | 5.49m | 6.4m
T225 1.8m | 2.4m | 3m | 3.6m | 4.2m | 4.8m | 5.4m | 6m | 7.2m
T150 1.8m | 2.5m | 3.6m | 3.9m | 4.2m | 4.8m | 5m | 5.4m | 6m | 6.4m | 7.2m
Custom sizes are available

H20 & Lattice Timber Beams

Providing versatile solutions for both primary and secondary falsework, the HS20 beams come with a protective painted finish in order to guard against the elements and ensure maximum lifespan.

Features & Benefits

  • HS20 Timber Beams are easy to dispose of once their lifespan ends.
  • A durable solution with a long lifespan for many falsework applications.
  • Strong and effective as either primary or secondary beams.
  • Strong and versatile.
  • Protective paintwork to protect against weather conditions.


H20 Beams lengths are available in the following lengths:

Length  1.95m | 2.45m | 2.65m | 2.90m | 3.30m | 3.60m | 3.90m | 4.5m | 4.9m | 5.9m
Custom sizes are available.

Lattice Beams

Length 0.90 m | 1.20 m | 1.50 m | 1.80 m | 2.10 m | 2.40 m | 2.70 m | 3.00 m 3.30 m | 3.60 m | 3.90 m | 4.20 m
4.50 m | 4.80 m | 5.10 m | 5.40 m
5.70 m | 6.00 m
Custom sizes are available.

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